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Hey, I'm Kemi...

I am not even going to attempt to write this bit in the third person, because quite frankly it would cringe me out too much, pretending I'm important enough for someone else to know everything about me. So here goes an awkward tooting of my own horn for a minute, please bear with me.

I'm a presenter, DJ, host, trained journalist and writer (not published yet, but I'm writing this, so surely that counts?). I have my own show on Capital FM (1am-4am, Monday - Thursday) and I also have my own show on Capital Xtra (4pm-7pm, Saturdays). Occasionally you will hear me covering the Capital Weekender across Capital FM and Capital Dance. If you'll allow me to toot a little more now, I am the first person to have broadcast on all three stations simultaneously (okay not exactly the same time, but around the same time). So what you can take away from all of that is that I really love radio.

I host 'The Sip' & 'Say What?', two Snapchat original shows reaching millions of viewers worldwide, I regularly pop up on 'The Hook' - a social account with 1 million followers, often interviewing at premieres/film junkets. I have also presented a music documentary for Warner Music Entertainment and presented a Twitter fashion series for Boohoo x OK! Magazine called 'Get The Villa Look'. I have previously been a regular contributor to CBBC, as well as the 4Music and Box Plus shows ‘Video Crush’ and ‘YouNews’. 

Blasting music at an obscene level is one of my favourite activities, so this has given me the opportunity to DJ at Ministry of Sound, at sports stadiums for Women's International Rugby games and for brands including Never Fully Dressed, WithU and Strongbow at the Isle of Wight Festival 2022.


I'm represented by Money Management, so for all enquiries please contact: 

Now I've got all the work bits out the way, a little more about me - I'm originally from East Sussex, mainly plant based (this includes going through a kilo of peanut butter every fortnight, no joke) and without sounding like a Bratz doll, have a "passion for fashion" - which basically means drooling over the pages of Vogue whilst looking at an empty bank balance. I enjoy working out and have a gazillion* music playlists spanning a wide variety of genres that I like to regularly share over on my Insta and TikTok, so go on, take a look if you fancy.

*accurate number

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