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My favourite looks from Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week has just wrapped up for another season, with fashion house after fashion house showing us what is going to be on the rails for Spring/Summer 2024. It was a very strong week, with brands like Versace, Ferragamo and Bottega Veneta sharing their unique visions of what's to come.

So let's not mess about, you're here to see the clothes - let's get into my particular favourites:

1. Versace

As soon as I saw this look from Versace, I was obsessed. Then it took me approximately 0.73 seconds to realise why I had such an affinity with it. Clearly, Donatella has been binge-watching my favourite film, The Boat That Rocked - a story about a pirate radio station in the 1960's and taking direct inspiration from Emma Thompson's chain smoking, look-serving character.

The high collar, the black boots, the sunglasses....come on. It's just delightful isn't it. If you need a new silhouette to jazz up your coat rack, why not try this? Or let's be honest - a cheaper version of this. I'm now kicking myself that I sold a vintage coat with this neckline when I was a poor student a few years ago...I need a moment.

2. Ferragamo

Gosh, it's beautiful isn't it. So simple in concept, but the details elevate this look. The black bowling shirt-esque collar, the contrasting buttons that are then hidden by the fly front (that bit of material that covers the buttons - don't worry, I had to Google it too), the bag that looks like it's perfectly folded out of one piece of material...and of course, a bold red lip. Can't go wrong. What I'm realising from this fashion week is minimalism can be done so well yet still be so exciting. I guess it's showing we need to invest in those well-crafted wardrobe staples that will last the test of time. So brb, about to order a white shirt and some lippy.

3. Bottega Veneta

This is really fun - and to be honest - unexpected, especially when Bottega sent a model down the runway in a white t shirt and a pair of black knickers just moments before this. This is bold, impractical...but absolutely brilliant. It's like if Big Bird had some offspring that mutated. Mildly humorous quips aside, the sheer trend is one to stay. We've seen it across several shows (I'm looking at you, Dolce & Gabbana); so whether it's mesh, lace, deconstructed cable knit a-la Alexander McQueen, flesh is here to stay baby.

4. Dolce & Gabbana

Will I ever be released from the clutches of leopard print? Nope, doesn't look like it. And Dolce & Gabbana have revealed this vinyl trench coat offering with matching headscarf, which I need as a matter of urgency. Roll neck underneath? Black boots? God, I feel the serotonin coursing through my veins already.

5. Versace, again

We are back to Versace again, because this look just looks rich. This oversized powder-blue silk shirt is giving own everything (RuPaul reference, if you know, you know). I also love that this is a look you could wear to the office, but also to a fancy wine bar with the gworls. So grab yourself a silk shirt and get those work trousers back out the wardrobe.

6. Ferragamo, again

I say this with the highest compliments - I can imagine Cruella Deville wearing this when she's off duty. It is so incredible chic, I love the cape-like silhouette (perfect if you've gone a bit hard at the bread basket) and once again, the funnel neck - seen in both Versace and Ferragamo during Milan Fashion Week, so if you're trying to pick up a theme, this is it.

There were so many more incredible looks that came down the runway, but I think this is enough to get stuck into for the moment. Your shopping list should consist of a funnel neck coat, smart tailoring, slinky black boots and of course, a bit of leopard print. You're welcome.



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