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Christmas party looks if money were no object

Originally published in November 2021

If there was one quote to sum up my life, it would be "Champagne taste on a beer budget". I am like a magpie; constantly attracted to lovely, expensive things (sometimes shiny), but in no way do I have the means to actually buy them. I did the rough sums and worked out I would need a clothing budget of around £5,000 a month to keep me satisfied. Sadly, I have about £5.

So as we approach Christmas Party season, I have been scouring the web to find my dream Christmas party looks, not to buy them (for obvious reasons, just check the prices), but the goal is to source them second (or third, or fourth) hand, rent them or use them as inspiration to find a cheaper alternative.

So instead of a realistic and budget friendly list, dream with me a little, as we delve into the wonderful world of designer apparel to find our perfect Christmas party outfit.

1. Taller Marmo

Gina feather-trimmed metallic fil coupé silk-blend chiffon mini dress - £1240

Taller Marmo has my heart. This dress is the perfect Christmas extravagance - silk, chiffon and feathers combined into a stunning vintage inspired minidress. I would live my 60's bombshell fantasy in this, swooshing about the dance floor with a tousled updo and thick winged eyeliner. Plus, it's loose around the midriff so I can eat as many piece pies as I want. Perfect. 2. 16 Arlington

Himawari strapless feather-trimmed knotted satin midi dress - £905

I promise not all of my selections have a feather trim, but how could I not?! This gorgeous fuschia strapless dress with a knotted waist is truly divine. 16 Arlington is a brand I regularly drool over and their designs are made for party season. Live your expensive fantasy by pairing this with diamonds and a strappy-yet-understated shoe - let the dress do the talking.

3. Alex Perry Tatum cape-effect open-back neon satin-crepe mini dress - £1,450

If you prefer something more simple, but want to retain that "wow" effect, look no further than this Alex Perry cape dress. A simple, elegant cut with a high neck and arms covered, but still managing to look like a neon green angel with legs that go on forever. 4. Bottega Veneta Asymmetric ruched satin-jersey mini dress - £1,520

I first saw this dress on the cover of British Vogue modelled by the utterly gorgeous Precious Lee, and I was transfixed (mainly by her face - she has cheekbones to die for). I am a big fan of anything with ruching, mainly because it's soo flattering, and this asymmetric, draped lilac offering from Bottega is an elegant choice. 5. Christopher John Rogers Neon wool bustier top - $1,395 / Pleated crepe tapered pants - $1,195

I know, I know - not everyone wants to wear dresses, nor should they when this duo from Christopher John Rogers is available. I've put this together because I want to look like a gorgeous tailored carrot - if it's too much for you, wear the orange trousers with the matching jacket, a black lacy bralette underneath, and those coveted YSL heels - trés sexy.

6. 16 Arlington Messina asymmetric crepe camisole top - £350 / Valencia Black Ruffle Trouser - £695.00

Yes, it's 16 Arlington again, but I did tell you their designs were perfect for party season didn't I?! If all my offerings have all been a little short and tight for you (forgive me, it is Christmas, and what's more festive than almost flashing your boss?), then this outfit is a fashionable but slightly more conservative remedy. 7. Kalmanovich Oversized-belt stretch-woven jumpsuit - £650

Studio 54 just called, it wants you to have an incredible night while wearing this super sparkly draped sleeve jumpsuit. I love the way it's styled, but would personally swap out the shoes for the similarly chunky Miu Miu heels (that I have been lusting over for YEARS). Mind you, I feel like tit tape will be essential if you plan to fling a few shapes. So until we can afford drop a grand on an outfit (can you imagine); let's just take inspiration from these outfits and work within our budgets until we get there. Merry Christmas!



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